Science Fair

What is the Science Fair?

For five years now, the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) has been organizing the biggest popular – educational event of its kind in the Czech Republic – the Science Fair. In the area of more than 8000 m2, visitors can expect interactive expositions of top CAS institutes, science centres, universities and innovative technology firms dealing with science in all forms. The Science Fair introduces news from the world of natural, technical and social fields as well as humanities. Application of scientific outcomes into practice is presented by commercial companies, which, with their enthusiasm for development and innovation, bring science to everyday life.

The Science Fair also has an accompanying program with special treats for everyone who comes to the venue. In the course of 3 exhibition days, visitors can attend many lectures and panel discussions led by top scientific researchers and experts as well as take part in various workshops.

For who is the Science Fair designed?

The Science Fair is a must for all those interested in science; everyone who wants to know more as well as meet top experts from the Czech Academy of Sciences and other institutions and companies. Whether you are a student, a graduate, a teacher, family with children or a representative of a commercial sphere looking for new contacts – you will find your field of interest at the Science Fair.

In 2018, more than 24 thousand visitors paid the visit to the Science Fair. The Science Fair was also widely covered by the media – Czech TV, Czech Radio and many more. Entry is free for everyone (including the accompanying program).

For exhibitors

How does the Science Fair benefit companies?

The 5th Science Fair CAS will take place on the 6 – 8th June 2019 at the most modern and the largest exhibition centre in Prague PVA EXPO PRAHA, which brings our exhibitors the opportunity to use all kinds of innovative technology. Thousands of students, graduates and technology and media enthusiasts visit this event every year and it gives the companies chance to introduce their products and research not only to the wide audience but to present themselves as attractive employers as well.

The Science Fair is not only an opportunity to introduce your company to the younger generation. You can present much more – modern technology, innovative and successful products, the results of your R&D and also your less-well-known activities. The biggest institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences, universities, educational institutions and innovative companies display themselves at the Science Fair which gives you the opportunity to engage in cooperation with top researchers and experts. We also organize an informal evening meeting between all the exhibitors and leading representatives of the Czech Academy of Sciences, to support the networking.