30. 5.–1. 6. 2024, Czech Republic, Prague

organised by Czech Academy of Sciences

Science has no limits! At Czech Science Fair we present complex scientific phenomena and current research in a playful and interactive way, introducing science through creative displays, models, simulators, laboratories and other forms of presentation. We also connect experts and professionals from academia and scientific institutions with the public and commercial industry, actively promoting interest in science and innovation.

Every year, more and more visitors, science popularisers and scientists head to the Science Fair – in 2023 we surpassed the 45,000 visitors mark! The Science Fair has become one of the fastest growing and most progressive fairs in Central Europe. The number of visitors, exhibitors, media and other outputs are proof of this.

We are growing

Organised annually by the Czech Academy of Sciences since 2015, the Science Fair is one of the largest popular educational events in the Czech Republic. Over an exhibition area of over 8,000m², visitors can view over 100 exhibitions from more than 90 exhibitors. Among the exhibitors you find scientific institutions and educational, innovative and technological companies, science centres and, of course, more than 45 research institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS). 

How we present science

The Science Fair is a unique format that allows for presenting the work of scientific institutions, innovative companies, to the public in one place. Moreover, the Science Fair has created successful conditions for strengthening cooperation and establishing contacts between key entities involved in basic and applied research, education and popularisation of science, involving schools and scientific research institutes at many levels of cooperation and communication.

Stimulation of the interest in science, technology and humanities, motivation to study at a university and to possible future scientific work are just some of the benefits of the fair for the general public.

The unquestionable benefit for the visitors to the Science Fair is the expansion of knowledge and awareness of the functioning of science and research in the whole country in general, the expansion of knowledge and information about the latest findings in science and research and, last but not least, the popularization of science, engineering and humanities in an understandable and graspable form.

Connecting others

The Science Fair motivates university students to complete their studies and to pursue scientific careers not only at the CAS. Students have a unique opportunity to establish contacts with scientific teams and, conversely, scientific departments have a great opportunity to establish cooperation with talented students who can be motivated for a future scientific career at their department. The researchers, on the other hand, are motivated to develop skills directly related to the promotion of scientific work.

The Science Fair also presents a great opportunity for communication of the possible use of recent science and research outputs in commercial applications towards the industry. Thus, the science fair can both facilitate and contribute to the easier transfer of science and research results from academia to the industrial sector, the linking of scientific institutes and universities with production entities and the commercialisation of R&D among the professional public. The Science Fair is open to all scientific teams and entire departments in all forms of presentation of the results of scientific work. It is an event open to all those interested in science and research and offers space for expert lectures, workshops and round tables for all stakeholders.

Contact for exhibitors

If you are interested in taking part in the fair or have any questions, please contact us at We can help you choose the best type of exhibit and help you in the preparation process.